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We are assembling a bright, energetic, passionate team dedicated to changing sleep diagnosis forever. Are you in?

We are innovators, scientists and idealists. Perfectionists who embrace mistakes.
We aren’t held back by rules or defined by convention. Nor do we abide by what others call impossible.
We’re here to redefine sleep medicine, today and forever.
We care. A lot. About the people we’re helping. The family we work with. The future we’re rewriting.
Yes, we dream big. And to do so, we foster an environment that’s safe and nurturing. Where we can thrive and grow. Leap high without fear of the ground. All while having fun. Why do it if it’s not fun?
We’re open and honest, but with the utmost respect for each other. We give our all and expect a lot in return. We’re in it for the long run.
No matter how many times we fall, we get up and keep going – because there are millions of people out there who struggle with sleep night after night. People who are desperate for new solutions and who deserve new ways of thinking.
The stakes are high and the potential too great. That’s why we never, ever give up.
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Chelsea French
Customer Advocate
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