Onera Polysomnography-as-a-Service

The end-to-end solution for at-home diagnostics and monitoring

A streamlined process with a fixed fee per study

Onera Polysomnography-as-a-Service is a revolutionary end-to-end solution for at-home sleep diagnostics and monitoring.

Our innovative patch-based sensor system combined with powerful cloud technology enables clinicians to conduct Polysomnography anytime, anywhere. It takes minimal effort to prescribe and conduct a sleep study, there’s no upfront investment, and patients benefit from maximum comfort and convenience, including shorter waiting times. This user-centric solution offers new opportunities for clinics to expand their sleep programs and for hospitals that have limited or no access to a sleep clinic to easily implement on-site sleep diagnostic testing.



Requests PSG via Onera’s Digital Health Platform



Delivers sensors to the patient



Conducts PSG and returns sensors to Onera



Processes and analyzes the data and generates a report



Reviews the report and initiates therapy

Benefits every step of the way

No upfront investment
Fixed fee per sleep study
For in-lab and at-home testing
EDF file delivery via cloud platform
Polysomnography signal set
Home Polysomnography
Onera STS

The innovative sensors of the Onera Sleep Test System (STS) capture all signals required for a Polysomnography (PSG).

Four no-wires sensors are applied by patch to the forehead, upper chest, abdominal area and lower leg for maximum patient comfort during sleep. The patches can be attached within minutes, offer unprecedented ease-of-use and comfort to the patient and save valuable time during set-up and removal of the system.

The Pod

Delivers PSG signal set with maximum comfort
Small and lightweight, the reusable pod boasts advanced technology and smart design to capture clinical-grade sleep data while also letting patients feel free to move throughout the night.

The Patch

Provides quick set up, overnight comfort and easy removal
The patch-based Onera  STS is simple and intuitive to use,  allowing for sensor
set-up within minutes, under the direction of a physician, trained technician or
self-applied by patients at home.
No-wires PSG solution
Set up time averages less than five minutes
Designed for minimal sleep disturbances during recording
Onera STS Sensors and Signals

Four self-applied no-wires sensors deliver a full PSG signal set

Signals recorded include electroencephalogram (EEG), which reflects changes in brain activity, electromyography (EMG) to measure upper airway muscle activity and electrooculography (EOG) to register eye movements. Additional physiological data includes respiratory measurements, Electrocardiogram (ECG),  electromyography leg, sound pressure (to detect snoring), body motion and body position.
Polysomnography signal set with 15 channels
Data storage allows home-based recording of a full PSG
Snoring recorded via sound pressure
Onera Digital Health Platform

From PSG signal processing and analyzing to safe and smart management of sleep studies, anytime, anywhere

The Onera Digital Health Platform is what makes our end-to-end solutions possible, providing sleep studies that can be easily managed by multiple stakeholders from any computer, with data securely directed within networks of clinics and providers. From first initiating a PSG, to uploading the medical-grade signal set for processing and analyzing, to generating an EDF file that’s accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and accessible 24/7, this powerful cloud-based platform will change the way sleep disorders are diagnosed and monitored.*
*Analysis and reporting is available in selected geographies
EDF file delivery via Cloud platform
Compatible with common analysis software
Standardized scoring and reporting

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Onera polysomnography as a service

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