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Full-service diagnostics and monitoring. Compact and ambulatory PSG. In-lab or at-home. The future of sleep is here.
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Traditional sleep testing and the space and cost crisis in sleep medicine

In-lab sleep diagnostics are resource-intensive, inconvenient,  and difficult to access. Current PSG technology requires the supervision of trained personnel, making it inefficient and very difficult to scale to meet the increasing demand. And the experience is uncomfortable and even stressful for patients.
Onera PSG as-a-service

New insights into sleep. More efficient care. Why PSG diagnostics should be used in all sleep testing.

It’s time to get a fuller picture of all sleep patients with testing that goes way beyond just measuring cardio-respiratory function. Recording brain signals with an EEG gives a more accurate assessment of what’s happening during sleep versus just relying on surrogates or derived measurements. While in-lab PSG has been considered the gold standard in sleep diagnostics, patient drawbacks have a legacy of appointment delays and poor follow-through, which snowballs into lower detection rates and treatment of sleep disorders. Onera empowers sleep professionals with powerful solutions that provide scalable, patient-friendly diagnostics and treatment monitoring – accessible anytime and anywhere.

Limitations of Today’s
Polysomnography Solutions

Complicated and expensive with long waiting times
Can only be performed in a clinical setting
Needs to be set up by a trained medical professional
Multiple wires, belts and electrodes that make sleep uncomfortable for patients
Onera PSG-as-a service

An innovative form factor. Powerful cloud technology. It’s the  first no-wires patch-based  Polysomnography for in-lab and in-home studies.

Onera enables physicians to conduct polysomnography anytime, anywhere, with minimal clinician efforts and maximum patient comfort. Our user-centric solution offers new opportunities for clinics to expand their sleep programs and for hospitals that have limited or no access to a sleep clinic to easily implement on-site sleep testing. Connected by the Onera Digital Health Platform, sleep studies can be easily managed by multiple stakeholders from any computer, with data securely directed within networks of clinics and providers.

Onera’s PSG as-a-service

Full-service clinical-grade Polysomnography solution for in-lab or at-home use
Standardized scoring & reporting, accessible via our Cloud platform
Self-applied patch-based recording system with unmatched patient comfort
Fixed-fee per study for full transparency and cost control

Onera polysomnography as a service

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