A wireless patch-based polysomnography system for conducting overnight sleep studies

A wireless patch-based PSG system was developed, consisting of disposable head-, chest- and leg-patches to simultaneously record EEG, EOG, EMG, SaO2, ECG, respiratory airflow and effort via bioimpedance (BioZ), snoring sounds, body position, and leg movements. Signals are stored on reusable electronic modules attached to each patch. PSG hook-up time in 15 healthy laypersons (60% F, age 18-70 yrs) was and Inspiratory Duty Cycle (IDC) in response to CPAP using BioZ in 3 male patients with mild OSA (AHI 13.5 SD 2.4/h) was measured. Mean hook-up time for applying all 3 patches was 3:08 min (SD: 42 sec). Detection of IDC demonstrated that CPAP reduced %breaths with IDCg0.5 (average 7%). The Onera wireless PSG system is an easy to set-up solution for conducting overnight PSG, lowering the burden to conduct multi-scale sleep research studies, and performing clinical PSG at home or in the sleep lab.

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