Onera and Verhaert receives Eurostar R&D grant to modernize sleep diagnostic and monitoring technology

Onera and its partner Verhaert were awarded a Eurostar grant of €935K to develop a patch-based chest-attached sleep diagnostic system designed to improve the way sleep studies are performed

Onera and Verhaert receives Eurostar R&D grant to modernize sleep diagnostic and monitoring technology

Eindhoven – March 2, 2020  –  Onera, a leader in sleep diagnostic and monitoring solutions with R&D offices in the Netherlands, and its partner, Verhaert Masters in Innovation, were awarded a Eurostar grant of €935K to develop a patch-based sleep diagnostic and monitoring system that is attached to the chest. It is designed to improve the way a variety of sleep disorders are diagnosed and monitored. Called DISPATCH, the set of devices will be a combination of Onera’s wireless analytical patch that attaches to the chest like a band aid, and an upcoming bedside base station designed by Verhaert. The partnership’s mutual goal is to remove the complexity and discomfort associated with in-hospital sleep studies by offering the simplicity and convenience of an in-home sleep study test with lab-grade results. The newly awarded Eurostar grant will become part of the partnership’s total budget currently set to €2.5M.

With one in every five people struggling with sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, or several other ailments, the need for proper diagnosis, treatment and monitoring is critical. Today’s polysomnography (PSG) practices and technologies are outdated, and helping those who suffer from daily exhaustion and a lack of focus has become a critical issue. It is especially important with poor sleeping has been linked to chronic, life-threatening diseases and conditions, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and depression.

Coupled with the use of AI, Onera’s patch-based chest-attached sleep diagnostic solution is built around comfort, convenience and clinical accuracy. This makes it easier for patients to use it themselves in the comfort of their own homes, while also being beneficial for sleep clinics, their administrations and the sleep study community in general by offering lab-grade results.

As the partnership between Onera and Verhaert moves forward, the teams also plan on developing a connectivity hub designed to help simplify the setup and expansion of sleep labs. Onera intends to launch pilot programs across different countries and work with leaders in sleep medicine, including pulmonologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, ENT’s and pediatricians. All of this is to bring the field of sleep medicine into the future, with a simple yet powerful technology that’s poised to improve the lives of millions around the world.

Onera’s mission is to one day make lab-grade monitoring accessible to all anywhere, anytime, regardless of socioeconomics or geographic location. We do this by focusing on breakthrough diagnostic and monitoring solutions that are quick, convenient and clinically accurate.

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