Onera Announces Strategic Partnership with MedBridge Healthcare to Deliver the First Self-Applied, No-Wire Polysomnography Solution in the US

Onera Health partners with US-based MedBridge Healthcare to deliver the first self-applied, no-wire polysomnography (PSG) solution for people struggling with sleep disorders.

Eindhoven(Netherlands)/Greenville, S.C. (United States) – April 4, 2023 — Onera Health, a leader in transforming sleep medicine and remote monitoring, today announced an exclusive strategic partnership with MedBridge Healthcare, a leading provider of sleep management services including sleep screening, in-center, inpatient and home diagnostic testing and therapy coordination.

This new partnership aims to broaden access to Onera’s medical-grade PSG-as-a-Service solution, further improving the patient experience and lowering the operational burden currently faced in many sleep clinics across the US.

 “Onera Health and MedBridge Healthcare share the same values, so this partnership was an easy decision for us both. We’re working towards the same goal of improving the quality of life for people that suffer from sleep-related diseases through comprehensive testing,” says Ruben de Francisco, Founder and CEO of Onera. I’m convinced our patient-centric Type 2 Polysomnography solution is the perfect addition to their already highly successful mail-to-home services.

MedBridge operates a network of sleep disorder programs across the US, performing over 70,000 sleep procedures annually.

John Mathias, Chief Development Officer of MedBridge said, As a leading sleep management service provider in the US, we are excited about the potential of Onera’s technology and its contribution to our end-to-end solution. We are pleased to extend our service through this partnership with at-home polysomnography systems that a patient can apply themselves within minutes. We firmly believe this will significantly improve the cost and access for testing, diagnosis, therapeutic coordination, and long-term care management of patients with sleep disorders.”

 Onera and MedBridge plan to onboard the first customer for the innovative home polysomnography service in the first half of the year.

 About Onera Health

Onera Health is a leader in transforming diagnostics and monitoring. Their breakthrough products and technologies are poised to help millions of people struggling with health ailments and chronic conditions in a variety of medical fields, including sleep, neuro, cardiac and respiratory care, ultimately improving the health and quality of life for patients around the world. The company’s innovative solutions provide comprehensive physiological and health-related data to physicians in a variety of clinical and non-clinical environments to optimize patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Onera has offices in the Netherlands and the US. For more information, go to


About MedBridge Healthcare

MedBridge Healthcare is a leading provider of sleep management services and home sleep apnea testing. MedBridge provides a comprehensive fully-integrated model for screening, diagnosing, treating, and supporting patient adherence to therapy. MedBridge partners with some of the most innovative healthcare providers in the nation to improve access, cost and care for inpatient, outpatient, employer-based and episodic care populations.

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