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Hartmut Schneider, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer at Onera Health, and Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University
“Being a leader in sleep research, I’ve always strived to teach sleep specialists and primary care physicians alike, passing on the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. Onera’s innovations are like finding the missing piece to a puzzle; the medical field finally has the tools they need to offer comprehensive sleep care.”

Bruce C. Cozadd, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Jazz Pharmaceuticals
“As a leader in sleep medicine, Jazz Pharmaceuticals is excited about its investment in Onera’s breakthrough sleep technology and continuing our focus in innovation in this therapeutic area.”

Jed Black, M.D., senior vice president, Sleep and CNS Medicine at Jazz Pharmaceuticals and adjunct professor, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine
“We believe the solutions Onera Health are developing could transform diagnostic and treatment-monitoring processes in sleep medicine. Onera’s hardware and software innovations, as well as its streamlined service model, have the potential to empower clinicians to provide patients with optimal sleep care.”

Ann Kilrain, Senior Director, Head of Alliance Management at Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Board Member of Onera Health “Onera’s work in sleep disorder diagnosis is an important research and development advancement that will ultimately help many people suffering from clinical sleep conditions. As a global biopharmaceutical company and leader in sleep medicine, Jazz Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving outcomes for patients, and we see enormous potential in Onera’s dual-strip, data-gathering approach.”

Tom Vanhoutte, Partner at imec.expand and Board Member of Onera Health
“Imec.xpand invests in companies that have the potential to become global players by disrupting their entire industry. We’re convinced that the Onera team, and their close cooperation with imec, has the skills, business acumen and vision to set the new gold standard in sleep diagnostics.”

Luc Van den hove, President and Chief Executive Officer at imec
“Imec is proud of the progress made by Onera. It’s inspiring to see another imec spin-off having great success in creating breakthrough medical technologies. Onera is capitalizing on its new funding to revolutionize the field of sleep studies, adhering to imec's core focus of innovation in nanoelectronics and digital technologies.”

John Baekelmans, Managing Director and Vice President at imec
“Eindhoven is a great incubator for successful startups, and Onera continues that tradition. Imec looks forward to continuing to support and collaborate with this ambitious entrepreneurial team.”


Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc
Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc (Nasdaq: JAZZ), a global biopharmaceutical company, is dedicated to developing life-changing medicines for people who have limited or no options. As a leader in sleep medicine and with a growing hematology/oncology portfolio, Jazz has a diverse portfolio of products and product candidates in development, and is  focused on transforming biopharmaceutical discoveries into novel medicines. For more information, please visit

imec.xpand is an early-stage and growth venture capital fund with powerful strategies that evolve hardware-driven nanotechnology innovations into successful global companies. The fund is independently managed by a team of entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and business experts who target ambitious tech start-ups where imec technology, expertise and infrastructure can impact success. For more information, please visit

Imec is a world-leading research and innovation hub for nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Its leadership in microchip technology, combined with profound software and ICT expertise, has forged trusted partnerships with companies, start-ups and universities from around the world. By leveraging a unique infrastructure boasting 4,000 brilliant minds from over 85 nationalities and a multitude of industries, imec creates groundbreaking innovations in application domains such as healthcare, smart cities, mobility, logistics, manufacturing, energy and education. Imec is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium and has distributed R&D groups at a number of Flemish universities, in the Netherlands, Taiwan, USA, China, and offices in India and Japan. For more information, please visit

BOM (the Brabant Development Agency) works with businesses to ensure the Netherlands province of Brabant thrives economically, enjoys employment growth, maintains a high quality of life and plays a leading role on the world stage. They share insights and experience, foster partnerships, create networks and provide investment capital to innovative local companies and sustainable energy projects. They encourage foreign companies to settle in Brabant, while local businesses are assisted to extend their reach abroad. Through Brabant Ventures, BOM helps fund and support ambitious local startups and scaleups in high-tech systems and software, agri-food, life sciences & health, supply chain, and the bio-based economy. For more information, please visit

Innovation Industries
Innovation Industries is a Deeptech venture capital investor that invests up to €30M in Hightech, Agri&Foodtech and Medtech businesses.Today, Innovation Industries manages over €275M across two funds and has a team of 15 investment professionals. Its largest investors are the Dutch pension funds PME and PMT. Innovation Industries invests from seed to late stage and has partnerships with all Dutch technical universities and research institute TNO. For more information on Innovation Industries see:

Invest-NL is an impact investor committed to businesses and projects that will make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative. Its focus lies on carbon-neutral and circular economy and on innovative, fast-growing companies, or scale-ups. Invest-NL supports innovative entrepreneurs through financing and advice according to one simple principle: impact is our goal, return is our means. As the Dutch partner for European investment institutions, Invest-NL is dedicated to cooperation and always works together with other investors. Invest-NL is headquartered in Amsterdam and employs a staff of 60 people. For more information, go to

15th Rock Ventures
15th Rock Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in human augmentation and information technology with the aim of creating a prosperous society in the age of 100 years. The definition of human augmentation is to create a world where people can improve their physical abilities, acquire various skills that were previously impossible, and have more options in life by combining multiple elemental technologies such as AI, robotics, electronics, AR/VR, and brain-machine interface. For more information, please visit

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